Xin Zhao, Associate Editor, China

Xin Zhao, M.D. specializing in Hand Microsurgery

Associate Editor, China

Academic Background

 Dr. Zhao began his medical career with Master of Orthopaedics from Tianjin Medical University. He completed his residency at Tianjin Hospital, and further pursued medicine in the hospitals of Balgrist、Schulthess, and Universitäts Spital in Zurich, Swizerland, during when he was engaged in daily work routines along with other fellow physicians, including clinical / emergency consultation, case discussions, scheduled / emergency operations, and ward rounds. He is currently pursing further specialization in the field. Within his 15 years’ career path, he has gained great experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hand and wrist injuries, bone and soft tissue repair, wound coverage, replantation, entrapments of upper limb nerves, bone and soft tissue tumour of hands, and other hand diseases. 


Dr. Zhao has published a number of papers in domestic and international journals, and has been invited to speak at multiple professional conferences. He has obtained several patents, and has been in charge of one major municipal-level research project.

Professional Philosophy and Interest

Dr. Zhao is committed to translating science for the public via the use of common language and vivid stories.


Dr. Zhao has a variety of hobbies including art, literature, history, and philosophy.

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