The Centre for New Immigrant Well-Being

The Centre for New Immigrant Well-Being (CNIW)is a media platform and non-profit organization supported by a professional team, including science writers, university professors, clinicians, and health educators from universities, and research institutions across North America and China.

CNIW’s mandate is to promote immigrants’ well-being through research, knowledge dissemination, community service, professional and volunteer training, and culturally sensitive mental health support, particularly for immigrants from China and other Asian countries.

CNIW is committed to publishing scientific articles that cover diverse disciplines, including healthcare, first aid, food safety, nutrition, environmental issues, and advanced technology. Through the WeChat platform, its official website, and undertaking community health activities, CNIW serves as a platform for improving the public’s awareness and knowledge towards trending health issues, supporting and promoting community health and relevant services.

CNIW consults a team of experts, which includes health professionals and professors from the University of Toronto, University of Illinois, and Tianjin Medical University. Every article published on the platform is reviewed by the expert team to ensure its validity and accuracy.

CNIW cares about your health. We strive to deliver health information that is up to date, evidence-based, and relevant to you and your family.